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Yves Morrissette
Name Yves Morrissette
Location McIndoe Falls, Vermont
Age 51
Joined 637 days ago
Hobbies Foodie, coffee roaster( potter, community member, HUMAN!!
About Me Ah, good question. Well, we have loved you from the very beginning. Seriously. I am a professional chef, now making cute pottery wall and desk plaques with sweet, biting sayings (, my partner Robert and I have been together for 30 years, and we are from and live in Northern Vermont. You did a show in Burlington Vermont years ago that we caught, and you killed it! You were with Ann then, and that had made it into all the tabloids, all with the news about you coming out. Golly, so many years ago, and look at you now!! we love you, try to catch you every weekday. Today , Halloween, was SO FUN!! THank you so much for all you and your team do. Yves Morrissette and Robert Larabee
Yves Morrissette
The Halloween Show
637 days ago

OH MY GODDESS!! Have watched Amy and friend go through the Knot Scare House, twice, still laughing. Ellen, you looked amazing, and your show is always fun..

THank you

Robert and Yves