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Yusra Farah
Name Yusra Farah
Location Preston, Lancashire
Age 16
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Hobbies singing,dancing and fangirling!
Yusra Farah
Justin Bieber
476 days ago

Dear Ellen, my name is yusra farah and i am 15 years old. I'm the third child out of 5 children that my mother has given birth to. My mother is a single mother and she works very hard to satisfy us all. I am very grateful to have her, life is hard and music has enabled me to reach to potentials that i never new existed. Thanks to Justin my self-esteem has reached quite high stage and as for my belief in dreams its reached quite a substantial peak. However i have been a belieber since 2010 and i've been supporting Justin non-stop. Fan girling has taken over my life, i really can't remember what 'normal' is like.I haven't been to my world 2.0 tour or the believe tour. I keep wishing and dreaming all the time that i get to meet him. My inspiration and hopefully you can help me with that. Thank you for taking your time to read this. :) xx