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Yolanda T Aguirre
Name Yolanda T Aguirre
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About Me I have COPD I use oxyzen all the time I retain water so I have to lift my legs for 4 hrs a day my husband is my caregiver I also have osteoporosis chronic back pain and osteo arthritis and I take a lot of medicine.
Yolanda T Aguirre
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549 days ago

Hi my nsme is Yolanda and my Husband's name is Jose. We live in AZ. I am Disabled and my My husband is my care giver. I am on oxyzen all the time, I have COPD. Osteoporosis, Chronic back pain and other health problems. But because of Government cuts they have cut my husbands hours from 8 to 4. I get SS which isn't very much, but I thank God for everything he does give us. On Monday I was admitted to the Hospital, My heart was beating fast and I was having a hard time breathing. The Doctor said I had an infection and a COPD Flare up. I Thank God I'm better. I was dismissed on Saturday. And since I missed your show all week wondered about how you could help. I love watching your show seeing how you help so many people. You are an incredible wonderful person. Sometimes I'm afraid my husband is going to hurt himself, lifting the scooter onto our van. Iam so sorry I missed your show all week, even thou I saw how you helped the people in CT, I am so proud of you Ellen. I hope I am not to late for the 12 Days of Giveways Take care of yourself Ellen.

Yolanda T Aguirre
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598 days ago

I Love your show my printer isn't working but I was able to comment To let you know your great by everything you do especially helping people in need at this time of year they're a lot of people depressed and Ellen you make them laugh. You make me laugh I Love your show without it we would be sad Thank you for all that you do.