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Ellen I not only love your show because your real while your a celebrity but you are such a humanitarian. I have been blessed to be able to take of my mother who not only had RA, but a heart condition and I do her dialysis for her every night. Your inspirational stories make me feel positive even though we are going thru the toughest time of our lives. Because mom needs 24 care I have not worked in over two years to take care of my mom. We manage to live on her SS of 1214.00 and her pension of 124.00. Even though I've had so much more at one time, I am happier now with much less. I was diagnosed with RA and Lupus at the age of 18
this next october I will have had my kidney transplant for 17 years. I have so much to be thankful for. We live in a very nice house but our mortgage takes up 400.00 a month of the 1300 we have to live. I know that my mother worries about what will happen to me once she passes because I have no money of my own and will have to get work right away to keep everything going. Is there anything you can do to help my mother stop worring? Love you and your show, and appreciate all the people that work for you that make it so enjoyable for us to watch you daily.

Love Yolanda