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Yolanda Kent
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About Me 41, married 17 yrs, love my two amazing kids. Life is Good in fluker, la. and our sunsets here are amazing. I love anything that involves the outdoors. I have a few close friends, that i would do just about anything for. We are still alittle old fashion here and we take things slow and steady and by doing this we are winning the race against our growing fast paced world. Our kids, have picked their own switch, and swam in the local river. They know how to use a shovel and a computer! Thank you Ellen, Yolanda
Yolanda Kent
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222 days ago

Merry Christmas Ellen! I stop by this page sometimes I love reading all the good things going on in the world and your site either makes me laugh or cry from happiness !You do an amazing job sharing your fame and wealth in such a positive way its addictive. It definitely inspires me to go out and be a better person inside and out.

Thank You