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tiffanie fochtman
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tiffanie fochtman
Kelly Clarkson Is Ready for Takeoff
231 days ago

hi my name is tiffanie im 12 yrs old is there anyway u can help my mom out she works all the time but has been having a hard time getting back n forth to work we dont have a vehicle and we live 15 miles from her work we also have to move by dec 31 and she has been so stressed with xmas almost here she has to rely on rides to work which is hard cause she works differant shifts shes a shift man at mcdonakds shes a single parent thank you

tiffanie fochtman
Message From Ellen
661 days ago

my mom is so deserving her unemployment ran out then we were evicted the end of june we were homeless until a week ago she had to borrow the money to move into a place she has been job hunting her van broke down and she doesnt have the money to buy clothes for hersef for an intervie she always goes without so me and my brother has school clothes and other things she lost 40 lbs since june as she wouldnt eat sometimes so we had enough to eat my mom needs help to get back on ger feet she really deserves it with xmas coming dhe usuakky isnt able to get presents as she cant afford it i would like to get her something but im only 11she always watches your show and would love to go