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Yesenia Valdes
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Dear Ellen you are truly de Generes!
I literally just stopped working on my Homework to request for some tickets. Reason being that I loveeee loveee loveee you! Also because you,I and Im sure a whole bunch of other people share the same birthday. Yes, even my brother in law (no joke). It would be amazing if you could please say yes to my request and to make things better have BRUNO MARS on the show January 22, 2014. I love love love BRUNO MARS and it be the Best Bday present gift ever for all the viewers because He can get a whole bunch of people dancing. YOu love to dance, I love to dance, Bruno loves loves loves to dance; so lets make it a party!!! It would also be perfect because he will be performing at the Super Bowl so it be the perfect time to interview!! ; D Love you ellen