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Message from Ellen
556 days ago

Hi Ellen It would be wonderful to come to your birthday show I love your show and watch it everyday. I love the Costco segments I said I'm going to find some one to do that with me and send it to you. I've been wanting to come to your show for the longest time but still havent made it so it would be nice to come for your birthday show. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLEN!!!!!!
your BF(in my head) Stacie....!!!!

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605 days ago

Hey Ellen I've read some of the peoples comments as to why they should be picked for the 12 days. I've had a very very rough year also but I would like you to pick my mother her year has been down hill since January 2012 and I wish some good would come to her because shes a wonderful person and will give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. With all thats going on in her life I never see her in a bad mood I love that she stays positive and happy all the time because its a hard thing to do(I do know that)but she does. O think she deserves it. LOVE your show