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Yasmine Loves JB
Name Yasmine Loves JB
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Hobbies I dance, I love to sing, and I play the guitar! :)
About Me Well I am American and Lebanese, and I live in Dubai for the school year, and I come back to Austin for the summer and winter seasons!! I LOVE Justin Bieber with all my Heart!! He is soo Amazing!! And I always watch Ellen's show because she is soo funny!! and has Justin on her show!! <33
Yasmine Loves JB
360-Degree Backstage Cam: Justin Bieber
343 days ago

I LOVE Justin Bieber!!! <33 He is my inspiration, idol, and mentor!! I have been a belieber since 2009, I met him once, but It went so fast I could hardly talk to him!! I always wish to get a second chance to meet him again!! I always tweet him but I never get a tweet back because a lot of other girls are tweeting him at the same time!! I love Justin Bieber sooo much!! <3333 And I lovee u to ellen!! your amazing, and sooo funny!! <33