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Yaslyn Washington
Name Yaslyn Washington
Joined 438 days ago
Hobbies Reading,dancing,cook/cater,I enjoy spending times with the kids doing things with the little ones as much as I can.
About Me I am a retired nurse after 21 years since I became disabled. so I try to do the best I can do in every thing that I do.but sometimes it's hard when you have to live on a fixed income,and can,t always keep a nice place to do the things you like to do.So there really is not much to tell about me.
Yaslyn Washington
Win Day 3 of 12 Days!
228 days ago

Ellen you are Awesome,I have been watching your show since you started.I have not missed a show.I love your show you are a very Insp irational make me laugh when I am at my lowest and not feeling the best.Thank you Ellen!!!

Yaslyn Washington
Quote of the Day: Safety First
316 days ago

Ellen,I had to talk about the young man that was singing the song with his cousin. Dance with my father it brought memories and tears to me.when Luther came out with that song my twin sister danced and sanged that song have the night back in 2004,august28,2004,I found her in her bed deceaseed,with that song playing.she sang and danced with the little kids half the night.she loved luther to sing anything, and she loved that song,dance with my father.Ellen you are a Blessin in disguise,love you because you brought back precious memories.

Yaslyn Washington
Message from Ellen
403 days ago

Hi Ellen was very excited you won,can"t wait for the show this week you really lift my spirits,you get me moving when its time to dance.I wait for our dance togather.I love your show,I don't like to be disturb when your show is on every one think I'm crazy.but I get beside myself and get the crazy face.LOVE YOU ELLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yaslyn Washington
Ellen's Playlist: May 13, 2013
438 days ago

Ellen I enjoy your show every day,I listen to your playlist everyday and it make me get off my sofa and dance every are truely an inspiration to me,especially when I am feeling down,I am goin through so much right now.but you bring some joy to my day.I can't wait until your show come on because I know I will get to have some joy and laughter in my day.Love you girl keep doing what you doing you are anGod blessd Inspiration to many, and to me,you make my day.I read your newsletter everyday.So Ellen I send a big hug to you for every thing you do.