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Yanira Duque
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248 days ago

My husband is a very outgoing and kind to everyone,he performed for free for the sick and elderly and church fuctions, he also helped people in our community in different ways,but now he is facing one of the most difficult situations, he battlelling pancreatic cancer stage 4,he is undergoing a very agressive tipe of Chemo and is devastating for the whole family we have 3 daughters 14,13 and 8. he can no longer work and our financial situation is getting harder,but the worst part is that we only have one bathroom and with him getting sick and with the girls is a nightmare!,the doctor recomendes that he should use a separated bathroom because of Chemo.It would be safer for everyone, the bathroom is not in good shape there is mold,we have a family room in which my husband has a recliner and is the only place he can sleep because of the pain.. and in top of that the family room is not insulated, and around the house the insulation is gonne it was built is the 50's and Michgan is very cold, our kitchen is oudated and has no good ventilation or space so every time I cook my hsband gets nausea beacuase of the smell of food bothers him because of the chemo, so our situacion is difficult but what makes it harder is that we don't have a place for my husband to make him feel better and more confortable.. he is such a great man and he wants to continue to help others he is my hero! please helps us Ellen! Thank you..