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Xan Lazaridis
Name Xan Lazaridis
Location Wasaga Beach, ON
Age 53
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Hobbies I was born and raised in Toronto. I majored in Fine Arts and Ceramics. After teaching art and yoga for years, I started to make people of all ages happy through the art of face painting. My son is 23 and also face paints (among other artistic ventures). I love painting, drawing, photography and decorating with craigslist reusable items. In fact, we renovated our whole house with items found on craigslist. I also enjoy gardening, slow cooking, dancing, movies, social networking and watching Ellen daily. I married my second husband, Dave, 12 years ago. He is my best friend and the most patient, kind man I know. We love watching Ellen's show and made Oscar night a date night just because Ellen was hosting. Hopefully, one of these days, Jeannie will call to tell me we have tickets to Ellen!
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Xan Lazaridis
Ellen's in a Greek Soap Opera?
64 days ago

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and my parents are both Greek. Since I learned to speak, read and write Greek, I was extra interested to see how Ellen would end up in a Greek soap opera. Although I don't watch Greek soap operas, I think I was just as surprised as Ellen's audience to see her high school photo. I guess anything that ends up on the internet stay on the internet!

Xan Lazaridis
Pharrell Williams, Zooey Deschanel
87 days ago

Lovely tribute to David Letterman.

Xan Lazaridis
Ellen Takes a Buzzfeed Quiz
124 days ago

Even Buzzwords can't replicate you. You're one of a kind.

Xan Lazaridis
Ellen's Record-Breaking Tweet!
142 days ago

Hi Ellen! My husband and I made a special dinner with homemade spanakopita (my mom's recipe), portobello mushrooms stuffed with herbed quinoa, green salad with hemp and lemon miso ginger dressing and had a date with the Oscars. I even wore my Ellen underwear! It was so much fun to play along in real time with you and retweet this pic before twitter broke. Thanks for a great evening. We love you.

Xan Lazaridis
Tim Allen's Contractor Woes
148 days ago

Hi Ellen!
Your interview with Tim Allen was one of my favourite ever. It's hard to say my favourite because I've been watching your show since the beginning and there have been so many great interviews and moments that I'm on cloud 9 just knowing your show is about to start, but your interview with Tim made me jump a little higher on my cloud. I have two cats, too. One is 13, big, furry and solid, like a panda. The other is 3 and has eyes like Tim's cat, Joey. I loved how you got him to talk about his show and his renos, too. You're a great interviewer, Ellen. And a good friend. It makes my day to watch your show every day. Not in a Clint Eastwood kind-of-way, but more like a Nemo finds his dad kind-of-way. We're doing renos, too. Our house has been a labour of love and my husband and I really enjoy working together. We're almost done our bathroom and, although I'm a designer and artist, I really thought we were just going to move the toilet and a few pipes, but we ended up gutting the bathroom. It was great to hear Tim talk about Tool Time, too. I didn't know he felt that way. It was touching and funny to watch you two. Thanks so much!