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Name Workman
Location Milligan, NE.
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Hobbies Reading, watching t.v., traveling, and mostly taking are of my 4 legged family( I had two dogs and three cats, but the two dogs are in doggies heaven.)
About Me When I married my husband; he said I reminded him of Lucy. Funny things happen to me and stuff comes out of my mouth ( funny stuff-- words) I've been married three ties and just lost my husband of 14 years who loved you--Ellen. He got lung cancer and daily we went to Lincoln for chemo so haven't seen your show much until today. Don't get me wrong I love you too, but when he loved something or someone; he drove me nuts. He's in haven now with his first wife and they are probably watching you on a T.V. from heaven
Zac Efron, Ed Sheeran and Rebel Wilson
400 days ago

In my part where I was telling you about me; I said my husband died and went to haven. He just stopped there for a mint bar; then proceeded to heaven. Just thought you would like to know.
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