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Windie Muller
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Windie Muller
Better Way to Pick a President
630 days ago

Hello, Ellen! From way down yander in New Orleans. With much pride I have watched your show over the past years. So happy for you in your success with your career and also remembering your roots. Your kind comments about New Orleans has always warmed my heart. However, today I strongly feel that your show crossed the line with your political spin on the presidential race. Creative and clever using Dancing with the Stars as a way to vote for a president. Not necessary to demonstrate who is favored by you for this race. Did you consider that your viewers are not interested in your political platform. Mixing the two today in your show was a conflict for me. You showed no balance. Stars using their shows, interviews, wealth to display a political preference is not what draws me to the tv. Respectfully, wish you the best but you have lost an Orleanian Fan.