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Wilma Elaine Fields
Name Wilma Elaine Fields
Location granitefalls , north carolina
Age 58
Joined 537 days ago
Hobbies fishing ;walking when im able
About Me i live in north carolina i live with my oldest son and his family ill be 58 im a born again christan i loveGod with all my heart and my familyi love having get to gathers with family we have a family reuion in August 31 i would love to go and meet my famiy we didnt know we had we need a mini van the car my son has cant make the trip so i wont get to go my son is looking for a job i pay the rent and electra bill and get my medication i need i draw ssa and ssi which is 730 dollars a month so its hard on me i have a13 year old grand son that will be 14 june the 22 his name is Jacob i have josha 20 will be 21 august and johnthan will be five in september i i have 2 grandsons and a daughter in law .
Wilma Elaine Fields
Jessica Chastain, Tim McGraw
537 days ago

Dear Ellen.I like watching your show that Tim Mcgraw makes my heart pump faster Faith hang on to him .Everyone is special tell Tim I love him a Faith.i