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William Johnson
Name William Johnson
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Hobbies I dont not have any hobbies I am disabled from 2 car accidents that was not my fault and cant not do any physical things
About Me I am a very caring person, and love to help people that are sick and disabled or in nursing home or in hospice care,, I worked for a hospice company and loved my job and I was in a car accident on the job that was not my fault and left me disabled in 2006 , I am very broke have no money for anything very limited budget and my car is old, and bearly have enough money to pay my bills and most alway I am short every month, please help financial any way you can I Love Ellen!! I just want a normal life, and so miss working, and want out of this pain from my injuries, but I have God in my life and he gets me through the very hard times , he is the only person I have in my life,, but I make the most of it the best as I can, I need a new car badly and live in a very old rental trailer, please help me, Ellen ,