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whisper schooling
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About Me I LOVE THE HELL OUT OF ELLEN!!! Im a mother of 3 kids. Ive been with their father since we were juniors in highschool which makes 11 years now. we are dog owners but I eel the need to say how much we love cats! LOL! Steven and I have still never been married though we are very happy! He works so hard and I stay home..he was finally promoted to a lead hand position at the original earl may store here in southwest iowa. we get by and we love ellen!
whisper schooling
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137 days ago

I want sooo badly to be feel healthier and not be harming animals..ellens my damn hero..her energy is a bright white light..u can just see it emanating from those blue eyes..such an inspiration..and educating the world on veganism is ausome..I just wonder about our budget because we are low income..and also I worry if id succeed if my partner wasn't in agreement..anyways..thanks ellen for the info if I ever do go vegan! sincerely whisper p.s. and yes that's my real