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Werner Vols
Name Werner Vols
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Hobbies Poetry, Genealogy
About Me Married with Christel De Vinck And Matthias 18 Years now
Werner Vols
Robin Williams Plays 'Heads Up!'
244 days ago

It's great to see Robin Williams back on the screen. I loved the way when he saw his picture from Mork & Mindy..
His fingers went open.LOL.. It's a great actor, comedian, on a great show like your's Ellen. Even in Belgium he's loved :-)

Werner Vols
You Write, Ellen Responds!
266 days ago

Hi Ellen,
Or should it be dear Ellen :-)
First of all my name is Werner Vols, happily married and we both have one son now 18 and yes when he says 18 he means he's an adult..
I have being watching your shows on the internet now for years.
Lately due to health problems I saw many repeats on YT..
What strikes me the most is that every show you present or presented I do feel a connection..
Don't get me wrong :-)
It's just the positive energy that is glowing from your presence. The love and good feeling that helps me get true the day..
OK.. I'm 52 and now 33 years in a wheelchair.. Longer than I've being able to walk..
You have a insight to live, love and accepting every one for what he or she is..
Black or White, Chinese or Russian..
Well I'm from Belgium Antwerp the Diamond center of Europe..
For me falling in love :-) with the way that you take on live.
Is like me the first day when they told me I never could walk again.. I Proved them wrong.. It Was not for a long but I did it..
Seeing your shows makes me feel like be part of your family.
Is it a game in the show or giving away presents I don't care
It's the feeling that you give me..
BTW. a nephew of mine was 18+ and he said I'm gay..
The whole family was is shock. And me and my wife said to one another So what...
He's the same guy with the same emotions and feelings like two weeks ago. live with it... and enjoy every moment.
It seems like I being dragging on my email but it is not..
I have family in the US that I never saw because Genealogy is one of my hobby's..
My cousin Michelle Pendleton would call me crazy...LOL
My wife would also call me crazy..
You Ellen I just say a person with honest feelings about life and friends...
I hope the future fore you both bring the best out of you..
A big hug from across the big pond.
Werner.. (and Christel who thinks I'm gaga) NOT Lady GAGA.. :p