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Wendy Turner
Name Wendy Turner
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Hobbies Watch Ellen & Steve Harvey every day! All kinds of crafting! Love to get my craft on! :-) Blogging
About Me Work at home for OBGYN doing surgical scheduling. Have 2 Amazing boys, 22 & 17. Oldest is in the Air Force stationed in Alabama, youngest will be graduating this year & headed to college. Miss him all the time since he goes to an all boys Military School for the past 5 yrs. He's done so well & I know he has a great future (non military I hope) that it makes my time away from him all these years worth it! Just celebrated my 5 yr wedding Anniversary with my 2nd hubby, who is my best friend & treats me sooo well. Have a 5 year old Schnoodle named Gilby, he's just the sweetest thing. My blog is even named after him Gilbyscraftster. :-) Have 2 sisters who were diagnosed with different cancers this time last year. One lives here & she has conquered her Breast Cancer(she's sooo strong). The other lives across the country in CA & has been fighting her battle with a Brain tumor, unfortunately it doesn't look good for her. I just pray she is able to still be with us to see her first grandchild in March! I haven't seen her in 5 yrs & it doesn't look like I'll be able to see her again due to $ issues. I will continue to stay positive & pray for her, praying there will be a miracle. I'm a west coast kind of girl, who loves the outdoors, maybe one day we will be able to move out West. Right now I'm going wherever my youngest attends college. Praying for a full-ride!!!