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Dear Ellen, My daughter Heather Shultz is a Dialysis patient at the DCI Clinic in Sevierville Tn. She has had kidney disease since she was 24 months old and been through several surgeries and a bout with Guillian-Barre Syndome in the 8th grade. She missed alot of school and has been so very strong throughout her life,she is now 29. We have supported her every step of the way and it has been very difficult throughout the years. She is wanting a set of Automatic Doors for her DCI Clinic and has tried desperately to seek grants, help from corporate DCI and even the local congressman. All of the other DCI Clinics have automatic doors not to mention other perks this DCI Clinic does not have. She wants these doors for not herself ,but for the many Patients that have walkers, canes and have to be transported by ambulance to have the dialysis they need. She has been on dialysis for 5 and half years and also in need of a kidney transplant in which she is fighting to loose weight with Gastric-Bypass Surgery. She really is a selfless human being and has taught me alot about life. Thank you for your time and consideration. The DCI Clinic is located at 765 Sunrise Cirle, Sevierville, Tennessee and their phone number is 865-453-4068. Thank you so much for your laughter! We love you!! Our home phone number is 865-908-3328