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Wendy Little
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Hobbies karate, swimming, choir, piano, reading, dog training
About Me I taught secondary school for 10 years (science) and then went to nursing school and worked as a nurse for 10 years, I had to stop working for health reasons. I'm married to a community health physician. I have two dogs and a speech delayed step parrot.
Wendy Little
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268 days ago

Dear Ellen,
a year and a half ago I applied to adopt a puppy from Lil' Waif Puppy Rescue in Bothell , WA. This is a small rescue, mostly family run. I am eternally grateful to them for saving my puppy and allowing use to be his adoptive parents. The family that runs this rescue spends every disposable cent they have, and quite a bit of money that is probably not so disposable to rescue pups who are in high kill shelters or are feral. Most come from eastern Washington where there is a puppy glut and there is little chance of survival of the puppies there. This family sacrifices giving each other gifts... Their five adopted daughters are grown and all bedrooms , except for the master suite have been converted to puppy pens. There is even an area in the home that has been converted to an isolation ward so that sick litters may be taken in and nursed back to health, fostered, then adopted. Being a family run organization they do not receive many funds. They work so hard to save every little and often the litter's Mamma. Please consider Lil' Waif Rescue when considering the large cash donation. I'm sure there are many deserving rescues. This family has given up any luxury (a lot of which many would consider essentials) to have money to save the puppies. They do not exchange gifts, purchase trees, ornaments or other decorations. There are no big Thanksgiving meals or Easter hams. There are no vacations. Instead they devote that money to the rescue of puppies. This is a small rescue and the family does a lot of work to save these puppies. They do all the travel to Eastern Washington from Western Washington and rescue either feral puppies or puppies from shelters. There is no staff on whom they rely to care for sick litters, they spend night after night awake nursing sick litters back to health. They also had to spend time finding homes for all of the puppies,reading all applications and conducting interviews and meet and greets in the determination of the appropriate home for each puppy. This family sacrifices so much to save puppies and is so passionate about their rescue work. I am forever indebted to them as they rescued a puppy whom they allowed me to adopt. this puppy is amazing, smart, funny, loving, sweet, and loyal. this puppy, now 1 1/2 years old was adopted to us at 8 weeks of age and quickly found his way into every corner of our hearts, even places that we didn't know existed. I love my Lil' Waif with every cell of my being. Please consider Lil'
Waif Puppy Rescue as a candidate for the cash award. Thank you very much. Thanks for your time and consideration. dddd