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About Me I am a wife/Mom to three beautiful grown daughters who have given me 6 amazing grandkids. I am retired from work with our Provincial Gov't. I assist my husband with the local Liver Foundation and Trillium Gift of Life Assoc. in bringing awareness to organ and tissue donation. He is a liver receipient and by volunteering it is our way of giving back.
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Wish me luck in winning all 12 days of Christmas.....I'm so excited...I don't think I will sleep tonight.

Best wishes to all

Wendy Hinton

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544 days ago

Hi Ellen
This is who I would like to see on your show. His name is Elhad Hagar and he rescues stray and abandoned animals all over the USA. He does this with care and compassion. Sometimes it takes hours to win the convidence of an animal that has been fending for it's self for 4-5 years. Without the help of local volunteers and vets it would take him longer to secure these scared animals. His latest post showed him arriving at an overflowing shelter to access a dog who had just given birth to a litter. Upon his arrival he realized that he was talking about two different situations of new Moms and their babies. In 15 minutes he rescued 15 dogs that would have been euthenized due to over crowding. He finds local vet/foster care and leaves all rescues in a better place as he leaves to continue his life's work. I know you support the Gentle Barn but Eldad is one giving person who sometimes just asks for food certificates. He buys cold meat/cheeseburgers so he can lure his latest rescues with food they are desperately starving for.
He is one in a million and we should have more people like him advocating for stray and abandon pets. Some rescues take hours for him to win over. Eldad does this with kind, soft words and lots of patience. He never gives up on any animal he is trying to help.
Please consider having him on the show to help him to bring awareness to the many animals still out there needing help.
Wendy Hinton