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Wendy Gotte
Name Wendy Gotte
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Hobbies Playing Piano
About Me Mother of 3, married 16 years, just graduated with my Bachelors degree, trying to find work for over a year now, lost my house in California, but luckily my husband finally found a job in SC and is keeping our family alive, so I am trying to get work, but the competition is tough. I had a band in California and I miss playing music, I hope to get something going out here so that I can start to play again and sing, that was the most fun, scariest thing, but really fun when I look back. Keeping a positive attitude, trying to find a job so I can save for a new car for my daughter, my car is too old and I will need it to get to work, trying to get her a job and teach her to save her pennies so that she understands how tough it is. My kids are great, and patient, haven't had a Xmas or Bday for 3 years now.