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Wendy Gotte
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About Me Mother of 3, married 16 years, just graduated with my Bachelors degree, trying to find work for over a year now, lost my house in California, but luckily my husband finally found a job in SC and is keeping our family alive, so I am trying to get work, but the competition is tough. I had a band in California and I miss playing music, I hope to get something going out here so that I can start to play again and sing, that was the most fun, scariest thing, but really fun when I look back. Keeping a positive attitude, trying to find a job so I can save for a new car for my daughter, my car is too old and I will need it to get to work, trying to get her a job and teach her to save her pennies so that she understands how tough it is. My kids are great, and patient, haven't had a Xmas or Bday for 3 years now.
Wendy Gotte
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227 days ago

I never miss a show, when I was down and very sad from the economy and lack of work when I have not been without work since I was 15 and now over 40, but I record the show now because I work but each day I was there waiting with panted breath for Ellen she just cheers me up so much and makes me want to keep going. My friend from work just became a cancer survivor again, and she is love with Keith Urban, and I told her he was on Ellen she was like I have to go there to see him, I don't know when he is on next but she believes he sings her name "Brenda" I said he is singing to you, he loves you. I just love the spirit of the show, I told her she needs to watch so she can catch him there, but Idol is coming up too. I love how Ellen promotes music and people, it lifts the spirit so much. I am forever a dedicated fan! Call me Ellen although I don't have a ton of time because I am working again for my 3 kids and my husband is working nights we are trying to still win 12days you give away, and I can't believe that all those years I was in California I never got to see you, now I am in S. Carolina and it will never happen, so sad. But, I always have you on the tube! or is it called a flat screen, I don't know the TV, dvr, box, your there and its great. Happy Holidays to everyone that makes Ellen happen... who is behind what makes Ellen happen besides those people who have babies once in a while and her frightened producer...sorry that was funny, can Santa scare him or some reindeer, or a night of the living dead elf? Classic I love Andy. Stop it right now, I'm done.