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Wanda Simmons
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Wanda Simmons
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235 days ago

Hi Ellen...I have written to you twice before and never received an answer so I figured you have people reading your mail..I am in as of this past January and doing well Health wise..I still haven't been able to get a car yet. I have to get someone to take me to Dr. appts and store. Can't visit daughters unless someone drives me. I miss my car I had to give up when I got sick because I couldn't make the payments and now on a fixed income. That is the thing I miss most not being able to visit my daughters, grand children and my Momma up in Louisville, Ky. and to just go when I want to go somewhere. My daughters live here in Tennessee. I stay home most the time because I hate to ask anyone to take me anywhere. I think you are truly remarkable person and I enjoy watching your show all the time. Thank you for all you do for people. Always Wanda