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Wanda Kearney
Name Wanda Kearney
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Hobbies singing, shopping and haning out with my family and a few friends
About Me I work for the public school system and am struggling to pay bills right now, but other than that I'm health.
Wanda Kearney
Message from Ellen
173 days ago

I love looking at your show best part I like is when you dance, you are to cool.

Wanda Kearney
Exclusive! Will Smith's Greatest Fear: Mice
248 days ago

Hello Ms Degeneres I watch your show all the time,but lately I haven't been able to watch your show I would watch your show when I pick up my granddaugther from her great Aunt's house before I go home, she is in school now she's 2 years old What I'm write you is I need your help please I had a son that was murdered in 2010 shot in the back of the head. Ms.Degenerse my son need a headstone on his grave the headstone is sixteen hundred dollars,but by me not keeping up with the payment I could not afford it I tried the cemetery voided my contact I had already paided eight hundred dollars on his headstone,and now I lost that as well.If you could help me I would appreciate it so very much.Wanda Kearney of Fort Lauderdale number is 754-245-2102 thank you