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wanda jackson
Name wanda jackson
Location towanda, PA.
Joined 595 days ago
Hobbies sewing,gardening,and spending time with family and friends
About Me i'm 59 and have been married for 31 years to the same man,never went on a honeymoon,school prom,or ever left the area in which i now live.i love dogs and have 6 of them.i worked for 25 years in different dress factories where i never made over 4.75 an hour.i have a wonderful husband so has been there for me in all my hard times.i am a dreamer and a survior.
wanda jackson
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595 days ago

i love when you have your 12 days of giveaways,but you give all year round so just want to say you must feel so good about yourself and you should.if given the opportunity,i would love to do the same thing,the feeling of knowing you have changed even one person life if even for a day has to be the best feeling in the world!i watch your show everyday and for 1 whole hour i take in every word you say,cause you are so funny!i would so love to meet you but i would never fly cause of my anixety.i do sign up for your 12 days everyday in hope just maybe i will get picked,but it's luck just like everything else you enter.keep putting smiles on the faces of everyone who watches you and may God bless you and Portia.