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Name wanda
Location ok falls, bc
Age 53
Joined 298 days ago
Hobbies cooking playing pool and watching your show
About Me I'm not sure were to start i'm pretty messed up and really need some help that's where I was hoping you would come in please Ellen help me
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276 days ago

hi Ellen I know this is the wrong spot ffor what I want to say but can't figure out how to e-mail you I really am in need of some help and advice I am a survivor of insest am am confused and scared I now you probably wwont read this but just in case you ddo please help me I see you help people all the time sorry aabout my spelling but if you wwant to hear my story I would be willing to talk please get baack to me either way.THANK YOU

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298 days ago

Hi Ellen i wanted this to be private but am not good on a computer i see you talk and help people all the time well i could really use some help know im not asking for money just a ear to listen i feel if i don't get help i might do some thing stupid not to scare you but i don't know were to turn please read this and help me out i have a hard time reaching out so please get back to me.And even if you don't thanks your friend Wanda