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Vita Anne Damico
Name Vita Anne Damico
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About Me I am a wife,step-mom,daughter, sister. I work part-time. I guess I would be your average everyday person. I am truley blessed with a healthy and happy family and a beautiful little yorkie named Molly. She a complete joy to us. I love to laugh and have a good time. I try to watch the Ellen show as much as I can because she always puts a smile on my face. She's a kind and a wonderful person.
Vita Anne Damico
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211 days ago

Merry Christmas Ellen!

Vita Anne Damico
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Vita Anne Damico
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223 days ago

Hi Ellen

No Horror Stories Just Hi and Keep Up the Good Work.
Merry Christmas!!!!

Vita Anne Damico
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224 days ago

Love you Ellen!!!!

Vita Anne Damico
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229 days ago

Hi Ellen

I try to watch your show everyday. I dvr it and try to catch up during the week as much as I can. I love your sense of humor, most of all I love your kindness and warm heart. I remember you from Star Search, Hello God? I liked you since then. You always make my day a happier one after watching your show. Keep up the good work and may god always bless you and yours. Have a Merry Christmas!