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Virginia Everett
Name Virginia Everett
Location Moruya, NSW
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Hobbies Sewing, dancing and Karaoke
About Me Married with one 27 year old daughter, live in Australia with my husband.
Virginia Everett
Ellen and Jennifer Lopez Have a Dance-Off!
538 days ago

hello Ellen, how are you? Watch your show and it was fantastic as usual, more power to you. By the way I would like to greet Portia a Happy birthday for today, Friday already here in Australia. May she have many more to come.

Virginia Everett
Ellen's Inbox
544 days ago

Hello Ellen, I just want to greet you Happy birthday, have a nice day with your family and friends. May you have many more to come. Lots of Love from Virginia (from down under)

Virginia Everett
Pantry Kitty
557 days ago

Dear Ellen, I would love to greet you advance Happy Birthday for this coming 26th of January, many happy returns and enjoy your day with your loved ones. Well done, Ellen, you made a lot of people very happy for taking them with you to Australia in March. I'm very sure you will enjoy your holiday here, I just wish I can meet you in person (wishful thinking). I live here in Australia from the Philippines for about 28 and a half years now and I loved living here but we are struggling at the moment financially as my husband lost his job since October as a result we're struggling to repay our mortgage and other bills but thank God we're okay healthwise.

Virginia Everett
See the Winners from Day 3 of 12 Days!
590 days ago

Hi Ellen, I love your show but only now I sign up on your website. I love how you make people happy by helping them. I just wish that there is someone like you here in Australia that can help the people in need like us. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and Portia and to all your loved ones. Thank you very much.