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Virginia Ellen Stotridge
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About Me My name is Virginia Ellen Stotridge.I wish I could win the toys I think it was on the 5th day of giveaways. Here is my story my daughter she was 21 when she past away on Christmas eve. 2008 and I havent had a Christmas since she died. My grandkids are getting older and they dont understand why santa dont come to my house, they were really young when she passed away . They dont understand why Santa dont stop by my house.I have 3 grandkids the oldest is 11 his name is Christian . Then there is my grandaughter she is 9, and last but not least is Khamryn he is 7yrs old. Im disabled I just wish I could do something special for them I watch your show 5 days a week. I see how you help alot of people so that is why I am writing you. My daughter she is a single mother and cant afford to much. If you could help with a little something that would make their day but most of all it would make mine. I really havent been in the Christmas moos until they say grandma why cnt you get us some presents. They just dont understand that I have be so depressed for 4 yrs. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR Virginia Ellen Stotridge 740 772-1725 250 Fairway Ave. Apt 211 Chillicothe Ohio 45601
Virginia Ellen Stotridge
It's a Bonus 13th Day of Giveaways!
583 days ago

Pick me PLEASE

Virginia Ellen Stotridge
And the Day 10 Winners Are...
588 days ago

Pick me Please...I want to win for my grandkids. We could really use a good Christmas.


Virginia Ellen Stotridge
See All the Winners from Day 7 of 12 Days!
590 days ago

Pick me please...My grandkids would realLy love some of those gifts on there...HAVE A MERRY CHIRSTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

Virginia Ellen Stotridge
See the Winners from Day 4 of 12 Days!
592 days ago

My name is Virginia Ellen Stotridge. I have not had a Christmas since my daughter passed away on Christmas Eve, 2008. She was 21 when she passed away. I watch your show everyday with my mom. I was watching day 5 I think it was when you had all of the toys on there. I have 3 grandchildren I would really love to win the toys for them. Their names are Christian 11, Kylie 9. and Khamryn 7. It would be so great to be able to give them a Christmas after 4 years. They sometime ask when their aunt is coming home, its hatd to explain to them because they are so young. Thier mommy works but she is a single mother it is hard for her to pay the bills and give them a nice Christmas.SO PLEASE PICK ME :)


Virginia Ellen Stotridge
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593 days ago

I wish I could win those toys for my 3 grandchildren, they would be really happy because,I am disabled and not able to get them anything for Christmas, and their mommy is a single momma paying all of the bills on her own with no child support what so ever. If anyone needs to win its my 3 grandchildren so please consider us for those toys that would make them so happy on Christmas day. I know you have a big HEART Ellen so PLEASE consider us thank you so much

Virginia Ellen Stotridge