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Violet Wallace
Name Violet Wallace
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About Me I have three daughters and 6 grandchildren. My husband Tom and I have been married for almost 18 years, his job as a supervisor for a utility contracting company has made us move many times, but we have kept our home in Manitou Beach, Michigan, as we love it there, and his company pays for our rent and utilities when we have to leave Michigan. This job will be 3 years unless he can retire, which will be when we have our home paid off. We have three Jack Russell dogs, (Biscuit was deaf when we got her last year, did not know until we fell in love with her a week and half after we got her.) Lily was given to us by the breeder to help Biscuit, and Sophie is 10, Biscuit 10 months, Lily May is 6 1/2 months. For being 71, I think I do pretty good. These little dogs make me young!
Violet Wallace
A New Car for a Special Ellen Fan
155 days ago

Hi Ellen,
Today on your show you asked if I knew of someone who needed a car. My daughter, Julie, has been divorced for a year, having gotten a divorce because of physical and mental abuse. Because her 'X' broke her nose in three places, she has permanent optic nerve damage. She has tow children, a boy and girl, ages 16 and 15. They live with their father because they wanted to finish school in the city where they had lived for 10 years. Julie took a job with Aspen Dental which sent her to Muskegon, MI, which is about 140 miles from her children. The car that she drives has no heat and something is very wrong with the gas opening and it is very hard to put gas in the car. She sees the children as often as she can, but it is not easy, especially this winter with all the record low temps and snow!

Julie has a heart of gold and would do anything for you, and she does. She is so good to her friends and co-workers and often gives even though she can barely make her own ends meet.

Julie needs a warm car. I hope you can understand, as there is so much more to her story than can be put on paper.

I would love it if you read her story, and I appreciate it if you would consider her for your beautiful offer.

I watch you every day and you make me laugh every day. Today you also made me cry, tears of joy, of course! You do so much good in the world, I would love to be able to do what you do!

My husband and I just moved to Pekin, IL for my husbands job, therefore, I cannot see Julie or the kids as much as I did when I lived in Michigan, and I miss her terribly! Maybe she could even come to visit us, someday! Hopefully, we will be able to retire in a couple of years and go back to our home in Michigan.

Thank you, Ellen, for helping to make me smile every day.
Lincerely sent with love!


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