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About Me Hi. I'm in my 40's. Have a cat and dog. Married. Live near Seattle. My friends and family are very important to me. I'm disabled since 1996. I have 4 sisters, 2 brothers, and lots of nieces plus 2 nephews. My mother is still alive and my dad passed.
Vincent Sharkey
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592 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I'm writing you to ask for your help. I know you must get so many of them. I wasn't going to write because of that. But then I thought it wouldn't hurt, and I can only ask and share this with you. I'm not the best writer so please bare with me. The reason for this letter is for me to ask for your help to show my husband Dave and our roommate Craig how greatful I am for them being in my life and being there for me.

Here is the story. I am a 43yr old male with terminal illness. I have lived with it since 1996. I have chronic pain, a tumor in my upper back and nueropathy in my appendages. I am on soc sec., so I have a low income. I have lived with Dave and Craig for over 11 yrs. We live north of Seattle. I have a Beagle named Thor, a 16 yr old cat named Miss Kitty Opal Mae. Dave has a Jack Russell named Buddy. Because I can't go on my daily walks anymore, Craig has taken over giving the dogs thier walks. We make up a nice happy family.

Now about the two of them; Dave is 51. He's from Navada. Craig is going to be 43 on the 29th. Craig is from Utah. They have been there for me unconditionally from the beginning of our friendships. They look after me, and help me with getting to appointment and places I need to go to. They help get me out of the house to do things. I probably would just stay home if it wasn't for them. They even support me, due to my low income. The guys get me the things I need and get me the things I want most of the time etc(LOL). They keep me laughing which is great medicine. They are very special and dear to me. Dave and Craig both work in the retail world as managers. Dave at Lowes and Craig at a grocery store called PCC. They have put thier schedules and thier lives around me. They are incredable!!! I love them so much.

This past march I was rushed to the hospital with liver failure. we were told I wouldn't make it. There was even a DNR order placed in my medical file. Dave took off work and spent ever night and day with me. I was sent home because I wanted to pass in my own space. The guys had things set up in our livingroom to keep me comfortable with the help of hospice, which i'm still on. I didn't have much time left. Dave and Craig communicated with my mother and several siblings and had them come from South Dakota to say thier goodbyes. They picked my family up from the airport and ran them back and forth from our home to thier hotels... They guys went way beyond what they had to.
I surprised everyone and pulled through. I don't know if it was me wanting to be alive, or if the guys had something to do with it, or if it was a miracle, but I made it. I wasn't ready to die. Due to still being on hospice and my medical counts being low, I don't know how much time I have. I'm hoping to be able to show them what they mean to me.
I am so greatful and I appreciate them so much. This is why I'm writing you. I don't have the means to do something very special to show them my gratitude. I am hoping you can Help, please. Thank You for taking the time and energy to read this, and letting me tell you my story. Sincerely, Vincent Sharkey

Ps; I didnt get to tell you that Dave watches you show everyday. He doesn't miss an episode. He watches it in our livingroom so I get to enjoy it too.