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Victoria Hatt
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Victoria Hatt
Dog Gone
246 days ago

Love your show you really rock an are so down to earth God Bless you for that. Now I missed where I could write into in regards to a shelter that is deserving of you attention it is called Bark N Rest in Texas they really do great work!

Thank you in advance sure will appreciate any help you can provide.

A Very Happy viewer, Vicky

Victoria Hatt
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246 days ago

We watch you Ellen every day an that is something as my husband would never watch a regular day time show but he aways makes sure the television is on channel five up here in Seattle, Washington. I say all that as we are both in our seventies but both feel like we are still in our fifties so thanks for a great time every time we watch your show and please give our best to Portia and many long an happy years of wedded bliss as we just celebrated our 49th and going strong.

devouted fans, Victoria & Richard Hatt