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Victoria bowman
Name Victoria bowman
Age 29
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Hobbies Table tennis danceing stand up comedy stage presents good singer
About Me 29 years old has Down syndrome has Facebook page love Zumba danceing very cute
Victoria bowman
Watch 'Bully' Trailer and Sign the Petition
147 days ago

Let me just say bullying is awful I think people should take a stand and use there voices be heard if anyone gets in your way tell somebody whatever you do don't let them get to you I would say go to Ellen she has great advice and she would by right put an end to it

Again nobody should be a bully fighting is not the answer

Ellen I am here for you if any body bully's you I will be there for you I would use my force to get them to stop

Victoria bowman
Matthew McConaughey on Losing Weight
147 days ago

Very surprising one great show love it Ellen is fantastic

Very good brill dancer

Comedy hit legend