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Name Vicky
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Hobbies Composing on a Piano Sewing for Paradise Pillow Curtain & Camisoles, under the name Vicky Lee Fuller/Mougenot Now married as Victoria Wake Paradise Pillow and Drapery Design Dabble at informative writing Vicky Mougenot Santa Barbara Pet Examiner Composed two children's piano songs on "MySpace"Victoria/Mougenot
About Me I grew up in Ojai, my dad was a professional deep sea diver, and CB Seal. My mom was an administrator for five different schools Matilija, Nordhoff, Topa Topa, Loma Vista, and Ojai Elementary. I was the second in chronological birth order, and an only daughter. I had one older brother two younger and two foster brothers. Kenny, Billy, Ronnie, Larry, and Jon. I did all the housework and mom worked outside the home. I attended public schools. In the summers I lived with my dad on his boats. He chartered the boats to the off shore oil rigs in the Channel Islands. I started college at 38 years of age & I still need two classes to finish a degree. I have two biological children one is a surgeon in Roskilde Denmark. The other is an engineer for aero-space dynamics in Irvine CA. At a very young age I had to be very adult like to maintain a fairly large house so my parents could live separately as they wished. They eventually divorced and after 15 years they re-married one another. My dad had two wives and seven children. And I actually ran away on my 18th B-Day to be independent of them. I like the wilderness it reminds me of how I feel. Sort of wild and free. I recently married for a second time & my last name is Wake. I sort of wanted to change my first name to accommodate the last name Wake. Something like Wilma, Wanda, or Waverly. I even thought of Forest Wake, or Up Yours Wake in lieu of Wake Up. I love to sleep, and I like New Age Jazz, I sort of play well purely by mistake "It Just Happens"I have not had very many piano lessons. I just listen to my surroundings and create. I have 2 songs on My Space that are over 10 yrs. old. SO maybe I will compose something new this year.