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Hobbies Composing on a Piano Sewing for Paradise Pillow Curtain & Camisoles, under the name Vicky Lee Fuller/Mougenot Now married as Victoria Wake Paradise Pillow and Drapery Design Dabble at informative writing Vicky Mougenot Santa Barbara Pet Examiner Composed two children's piano songs on "MySpace"Victoria/Mougenot
About Me I grew up in Ojai, my dad was a professional deep sea diver, and CB Seal. My mom was an administrator for five different schools Matilija, Nordhoff, Topa Topa, Loma Vista, and Ojai Elementary. I was the second in chronological birth order, and an only daughter. I had one older brother two younger and two foster brothers. Kenny, Billy, Ronnie, Larry, and Jon. I did all the housework and mom worked outside the home. I attended public schools. In the summers I lived with my dad on his boats. He chartered the boats to the off shore oil rigs in the Channel Islands. I started college at 38 years of age & I still need two classes to finish a degree. I have two biological children one is a surgeon in Roskilde Denmark. The other is an engineer for aero-space dynamics in Irvine CA. At a very young age I had to be very adult like to maintain a fairly large house so my parents could live separately as they wished. They eventually divorced and after 15 years they re-married one another. My dad had two wives and seven children. And I actually ran away on my 18th B-Day to be independent of them. I like the wilderness it reminds me of how I feel. Sort of wild and free. I recently married for a second time & my last name is Wake. I sort of wanted to change my first name to accommodate the last name Wake. Something like Wilma, Wanda, or Waverly. I even thought of Forest Wake, or Up Yours Wake in lieu of Wake Up. I love to sleep, and I like New Age Jazz, I sort of play well purely by mistake "It Just Happens"I have not had very many piano lessons. I just listen to my surroundings and create. I have 2 songs on My Space that are over 10 yrs. old. SO maybe I will compose something new this year.
Drew Barrymore Is Cooking!
595 days ago

My ex mother in law of 24 Yrs. used too boil water & blanche the skin off the tomatoes then smush them into a paste. Since her name was Laurette O'Deide Cyprienne Cammarota I was expecting a great Italian sauce made by her family passing down recipes. She lived up too that recipe, which also had carrots pureed into the sauce and sugar to slow the acidity from the tomatoes and Basil, Bay leaves, rosemary. sage, sweet basil, and garlic sauteed. adding water every time the tomatoes simmered into a paste. She cooked the sauce most of the day. She never rinsed her noodles, and she cooked them Al dente. As I ground french roast coffee beans into a filter and started the coffee for morning breakfast she made marinara sauce. I made a pop-tart she made a baguette and marmalade. Drew might have a better idea have some wine first then experiment with your own creations. Just remember that dry spices and pepper and sugar are flammable over a flame. Love You Drew.