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V.  Walters
Name V. Walters
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Hobbies I used to collect coins and some paper money. I also love to shoot, I have some pretty cool weapons, ar15, ak47 a couple 9 mm handguns and so on. I was always told if you have 3 or more of something then you can be a collector of those things, so I guess I also collect key chains and matches from different places. I also love rideing my bike when I can.
About Me I live with my son, he just turned 14 and is a great kid. We really cling to each other as we are all we have. I have family but none of them have ever been a part of my life except my mom and my sister, both now deceased. Both were very special to me. My son is my number 1 priority. I like to ride my bike, meet new people, and watch you Ellen everday and all the crime shows, and all the vampire movies, series and so on. I am also a disabled veteran from the Coast Guard.
V.  Walters
Ellen's Playlist: November 20, 2012
613 days ago

Hi I just wanted to ask if you ever have Melissa Ethridge on your playlist and do you ever plan on having her on your show. I think either would be great.