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Name vickie
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Hobbies retired/ watch grandkids,3 year old triplets 2 days out of the week,
About Me Hoping to be noticed like millions of others to go to the Ellen Degeneres show.....OMG what a chance in a life time, or better yet hoping for my daughter who had triplets needs the vacation more than me.....I will SACRIFICE my tickets for my 3 daughter's to go..ok I'm 58 and I will keep trying to be seen or heard till I'm 98 of
Matt Lauer, Sophia Grace & Rosie
444 days ago

Love your show, we tape everyone of them, fast forwarding the commercials of course is a must, my husband controls the clicker of course but Thank GOD for your show or I might still be watching soap operas like I had to in our younger years when he has summer's

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594 days ago

My wish like millions of others, or like a needle in a Hay Stack, that I would be picked by Ellen Degeneres, but of course my chance is nill like not......but I am still hoping for my wish to come true......who's know's dreams do come true, and now that I have drained my brain I shall go to sleep and once again ask the fairy God Mother's to hear my prayer..... wishing is for everyone..... I fell in Love with this saying, Live life like there is no tomorrow, don't look to your past for answers, tomorrow is never promised, live today like a gift that's why its called the present