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About Me I am disabled with R.S.D./C.R.P.S.9years.It's in hips,both legs and both feet.It's a crawler.Most painful nerve disease out there.Passes up cancer.It's a horrible disease. So painful.Sometimes I can't even get out of bed.But I have to.I am in a wheelchair now. I need the KETAMINE INFUSIONS, LAST HOPE TO RID pain.BUT, My Pain Specialist will not take my Insurance. He wants CASH up front.$7000.00. I think I can Go back to Miami to Dr.Patin at Sylvester Hospital,He will take my Insurance, But I don't have the $$ for hotel room,I might be down there for 2 months.and have to have someone with you during Ketamine.So Ellen,I am also in a Domestic abuse situation.Waiting on a low income housing.I think I am # 12 on list or 18.I forgot.I missed the first apt, for My sons phone was broke, and he was going to move me.I have to have a 14 ft. U-Haul with ramps for my electric chair.Life is not good Ellen.I cry everyday in Pain, and depression for I have to be removed from this house.The landlord lives here in back bed room w/ my medical bed. It would not fit in a tiny,tiny den.I am smooshed in. But its the verbal, emotional,and mental abuse. I cant take it much more.But I have no where else to go right now.I just sit and wait. For that phone call stating there is a apartment open.I pray every day..Vickie Kendall