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Dear Ellen/Staff: I entered the contest for a trip to Australia and did see, after a bit, where you entered your photo. I am 67 and I don't have a camera to do it with. Sorry. I'm hip and just retired from 31+ yrs of service with the Ashtabula County (Ohio) Board of Developmental Disabilities. My retired partner is a wonderful man I knew 46 years ago and retired and moved back up here from Mission, TX to be with me and help his elderly brother while I have am adult son (permamemt layoff 1 yr ago) and his 17 yr old son living with us. Every day here is a challange and we can never get away. We are both healthy and George helps anyone needing it and I am a volunteer for a LOSS Team that helps families immediately after a suicide since I went thru it in 2005 when my husband took his own life. We could surely use a vacation to Australia, which we both agreed would be our most favorite, while watching the show on Monday, January 28th. We love your show and watch it EVERY DAY! I am not pleading but letting you know that all of us do not have cameras to send our photo. It's enough paying all the bills, on 2 retirements for 4 people. Thanks so much for understanding I can't submit for the trip cuz I can't send a photo. I understand though. Sincerely, Vicki Sylvester