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vicki moser
Name vicki moser
Location Ft Wayne, IN
Age 58
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Hobbies Raiseing grandbabies....
About Me Recovering from 4 strokes, tryin to raise 2 grandchildren 12, and16. Need help desperately!
vicki moser
You Write, Ellen Responds!
589 days ago

I am so sorry to keep bothering you. I know you must be very very busy. The letters u must be getting! Im not asking for mysef, just something I could give my grandchildren. Their 13, and16. I have had 4 trokes and Im unabel to work now, and as you can imagion social security is not that great. Ido try real hard with coupons and such, but it seems every month were just check to check type of thing. I admire you so much and every day I watch with great antisapation bit never see my name. But, like I said, you probly get hundreds of thousand of letters, and alot of them are in much more need of help. I just want the 2 that live with me to have something for xmas.They have already beenthrough so much, its hard to imagion growing up with so many problems already in their lives...their such good kids.....