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Check Out the Pentatonix!
212 days ago

I love PTX! They KILL! I own PTX Vol. 1 & 2 as well as PTXmas. My daughter and are are also hooked on Matt and Scott's Superfruits vlog on Youtube. Those two do silly really well.

It's a 12 Days Bonus Day!
215 days ago

These gifts are nice but I already have the best gift ever. I told my thirteen year old all I could give this year was love and she said, "Don't worry about it Mom, I have everything I want and I really don't need anything for Christmas." Then she wins a fifty dollar Walmart card at school and asks me what I want for Christmas. Although I have insisted I don't want anything (I haven't gotten a Christmas gift in almost ten years, I'm used to it) and she should spend the card on herself she tells me "No. I'm getting you something. I'll figure it out." LOL Having such an awesome unselfish teenager is a mind boggling gift. Most of the time I feel like I don't deserve her.

See All the Winners of Day 7 of 12 Days!
222 days ago

Congrats to the winners. I hope I win one of these days. I just need something good to happen for me. Anything. But if not no big, it is what it is. I still plan on enjoying my holiday :)