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Veronica Gillies
Name Veronica Gillies
Location dinuba, ca
Age 36
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Hobbies Spending time with my family, making people laugh and second guess themselves:) and baking. I always post pics of new goods.
About Me I am going to school for medical billing, while working at a gas station in my home town. When customers come in and ask for air (to air their tires) I tell them to take a deep breath. If they ask for a fill up on a certain pump, I give them a phillip screwdriver. The best is telling them their total in pennies. I just like to have fun and laugh, and if you can stump me and make it to where I do not have a comeback I love it. I love other things like camping in the mountains, watching movies (especially about cars and lots of action). I love to dance, about once a week we pull out the pots and pans and wooden spoons and rock out. Don't forget the TV remote as a microphone. there are just so many things I love to do.
Veronica Gillies
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595 days ago

When they are searching for a seat I would scream and scare them

Veronica Gillies
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597 days ago

seven more minutes to the best therapy in the world. Luv ya Ellen

Veronica Gillies
Watch Jennifer Livingston's Original Message to Her Bully
654 days ago

When I heard your story and saw your message to that individual, I stood up in my living room and applauded you. I am so glad you stood up for yourself the way you did, because you not only stood up for yourself but others who get bullied for any reason. You are a role model for all generations. You proved to everyone and showed everyone to stand up for themselves and love themselves in all they do. Do not let anyone bully you, thank you for being YOU!!!!!!!