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veronica Clinkscales
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veronica Clinkscales
Message from Ellen
208 days ago

Watch the show everyday. Try to get tickets everyday. Never give up. Hope I win!!!!😄

veronica Clinkscales
Win Tickets to 12 Days!
229 days ago

I was shocked when I did not see my name among the winner of 12 days of give away winners, JUST shocked. Oh well. Keep trying & never give up until I'm call to sing. Lalalalalal😁

veronica Clinkscales
Get 12 Days with GetGlue!
231 days ago

Like everyone else I would like to be apart of the 12 days of give away just to have the amazing feeling! I would like to just be in the audience. I will probable give away most if not all of what I receive. Hope to be selected

veronica Clinkscales
A Very Cultured 12 Days of Giveaways!
243 days ago

Happy holiday 12 days of Christmas to all

veronica Clinkscales
Win '12 Days' Tickets in Honor of Ellen's Birthday!
250 days ago

Ellen, you make me smile every day. You do so much for so many people. I really wish there was something I or we could do for you. I know you have so much, but there must be something we could do for YOU! Thank you for being a wonderful, caring & genuine person. God bless you!❤️❤️❤️❤️

veronica Clinkscales
Memorial Day with Ellen!
427 days ago

I absolutly love Ellen & the show. I have tried to get tickets every day, well almost every day for almost 1 (one) year & I can't seem to have any success. I know it is not impossible, because the audience is full. What am I doing wrong????