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Veronica Clark
Name Veronica Clark
Location Wabeno, WI
Age 53
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Hobbies Nature, reading, being with my grandchildren - and watching Ellen! lol
About Me I've been disabled due to dumb irritating medical problems, so don't do much - but I love watching Ellen, taking pics of the critters outside, and spending time with my grandchildren. All of those make me smile and help keep me going the best I can!
Veronica Clark
Message from Ellen
185 days ago

Ellen, I know for a fact that when tupperware has been microwaved even a few times, it, for some reason, makes the lid not fit - just as you described on your show. It may say 'microwavable', but I'm telling you that the lids say "NO, DON'T DO IT!!" lol I have old, medium old, and new. Doesn't matter which ones. They ALL act the same. ha!
Love you and your show Ellen!

Veronica Clark
Exclusive! Ellen Gets Down in Rehearsal
227 days ago

It's great to see Ellen letting go and having fun on the set. :)

Veronica Clark
What's Trending This Week
389 days ago

Ellen, I am so very elated with the news for equal rights for gay marriages with taxes, medical decisions, etc. - I can't even put it all into words! I myself am not gay, but that means nothing to me. I have gay friends, and I was SO proud when you stood up to the world and shouted it out from the mountain tops, for which I imagine was hell to start with, for you. Your mom must be so happy too - I can just see the smile on her face today! Congratulations to you, Portia, and the millions of others who finally are being treated as equals.:)

Veronica Clark
Check In to Viggle!
424 days ago

Hi Ellen! I'm not going to tell you all the things that are wrong in my life,nor how much the money would help me. I simply wanted to tell you that every day, you make me laugh, and sometimes cry - and sometimes For that, I thank you. When I was much younger, my family moved from a suburb of Chicago, to the hicks of northern WI. I never knew I had a big nose, as no one ever had commented on it, until we moved here.Then,I got picked on horribly,on a daily basis, and on the long bus ride home. My dad caught me crying outside one day+asked me what was wrong,so I told him. He told me to tell them that a LOT of movie stars had big noses!lol So, I did, and I didn't get picked on ever again. My dad was my best friend, and had the best sense of humor,and would love you so much if he were alive today. It is because of him that I have one also, as do 2 of my daughters. When things go wrong, laugh. So Ellen, thank you for the many laughs.♥ (oh,by the way,I got my big nose from my dad, and am very proud of it):)

Veronica Clark
Mark Wahlberg and Diddy Play a Drinking Game
510 days ago

Ellen, I LOVE your show - it's the bright part of my day. You always put a smile on my face, sometimes it's with tears, or laughter, but it's a smile. For that, I thank you. Today's episode with Mark and Diddy was GREAT!!

Veronica Clark
Message From Ellen
669 days ago

Perhaps you both should follow Ellen's way of life. Don't be negative, be generous when possible, smile, and try to make others smile also. I've been writing in occasionally to the show, with no results, but it doesn't matter. I still absolutely love her show and always will. If you don't like it, don't watch. Quite simple, as there are numerous others who are taking your place as I type this. :)