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Name Veronica
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Hobbies Reading,scrapbooking is new hobbies.Gospels music!!
About Me Well about me,I lived in Buffalo New York all my life.have visited other places! I got sick and can't work any more! But I'm here, very upbeat person, likeable!! Oh never had a Twitter, technology I keep up best I can....just a bit much!!! Seen first day of giveaway!!!!!I love movies at home, nothing like a good play or outside concert
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191 days ago

Hi Ellen, IT'S Veronica....I was once vegetarian it was great then I had children!!! Back to meat one kid was a MEAT EATER...MY DAUGHTER every animal had a name so she wouldn't eat it!!!! Now they are gone and I find my self going back to not wanti ng meat.....oooooooooweeee bacon is my weakness lol! I can do without all the rest! But it's getting better down to 2xa month.....soon it will be none!! My goal!! Vegan MMMM not there yet! Okay TTYL blessings to you and Porsche!!!

Sophia Grace & Rosie, Rob Lowe
203 days ago

Well Ellen we are getting ready for bigger & Better things.....Going into 2014, WOW when I was a kid and said 2000 and any thing! Seem far fetched Now we approach a New Year!!! Didn't make it to church so I'm getting ready to sit here and pray, and bless God who has bless me to be here another year! Praying Blessings & Great Miracles to you,Porshe &Family this New Year!!!xoxo

Quote of the Day: Ellen's Daughter
206 days ago

Hello Ellen,I must have missed this one, haven't seen your daughter in quiet some time! Good to know she is well!!so I believe I missed the quote of the day! You say she nothing like her mother.....So that leaves U!!!lol any who checking in for today!!! Ooops but it's Saturday! See us Monday!!!BLESSINGS & Continual Miracles!! To you and Porsche!!!

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209 days ago

Hey Ellen, reading about being kinder to your self and others!I plan to be cautious about things I'm putting on my body.....I was once vegetarian it did me well!! Had babies and went back to meat,(young didn't know any better) now I live alone so now over weight"help me Lord" over Eaters here I come" lol I laugh but I hurt in side!!! So I'm gonna be kinder to me a bit more!!! Such as my new weight gain...I lost 88 pounds and gain them back, with a small patch of Depression.....over this short bit of winter!!! I'm here but I'll do better for me to live longer!!! Merry Christmas, much love & Blessings!!! Ellen & Porsche.

Win Day 11 of 12 Days!
215 days ago

Every day it seems hard & harder to find you this is not the right page Britt I'm here,I have to go make peanut butter cookies with me grand babies!!! So letting you known it me Veronica praying for that NEXUS TABLE!!! Hello to you and Porsha...continual blessing!!!

It's Day 6 of 12 Days
222 days ago

Hello,yes it's me Veronica signing in for a day of wonderfulness.....if that's a WORD!!!!I'll say I will continual to be kind to others....makes your day GREAT! Stay BLESSED You & Porsche!!!!

Day 6 of 12 Days and Lea Michele, James Wolpert
223 days ago

Hey Ellen, dropping by to tell you about my cousin, she has been going through dialysis for 11 yrs, from what I hear that don't happen often!! She really a wonderful person and could use some help with her home and living situation...Her husband passed a few yrs ago, he was doing some things to the home,I would just love of you have her a very nice getaway, not having to think or worry for a couple of days!I already said if I every get access to internet that I would write you and tell you if her!! It would be a Blessing to me if you bless her!! Thank you for your time!! Tell your wife Porsha Hello!!!!XOXO

It's Day 3 of 12 Days!
225 days ago

Day three of great goodies!!! I just want one good DAY!!!! Thank you Ellen & Porsche!!!!!! Love you guys.....oh yeah can I have a few pair of under wear!! Don't know if they come in my size...LOL there is much junk in MY trunk!!!!!

Quack or Claus?
229 days ago

Help me SIGN IN THERE HAS TO BE A PROBLEM ...I've been trying won't let me!! Yours truly Oh yes it was 2 QUACKS!! Now yours truly...Please let me in!!!!! Lol

Get 12 Days with GetGlue!
230 days ago

Blog what blog....but this is my first time worrying this one! I did write some where else!!! Good day!! Trying to sign up for GIVE away is Hard as heck I hope I'm IN!!!!!