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Verlena J Mccomas
Name Verlena J Mccomas
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Hobbies Caring for the needs. Of others
About Me Compassionate caring person whom would give you or share with you anything I have
Verlena J Mccomas
Message from Ellen
424 days ago

I really like watching your show it makes me smile and laugh on days that are the darkest for me. I got to visit my Mothers grave this weekend it still fills like yesterday she was here, I wish i could of went to Texas to pick up my baby sisters ashes,she died 12 hours of my mothers passing, we still to this day donot no what took either of there lives. Also got to put in a small garden, but the baby keeps wiping out the strawberries,he is something else, keep up the good work ms ellen, your show inspires so many as well as myself. cant wait to watch you each day,. Take Care Verlena

Verlena J Mccomas
It's Nothing Day
554 days ago

Yes I feel the same way I have nothing to hollor sweet Jesus about, I'm blessed by two granddaughters, my children and I really could not want more.but then again never won a thing don'tive above my means, but i do live. llove watching this show it's truth in it'self Ms Ellen is the cream in the coffee when it comes down to it for day time TV.