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Verda Schroeder
Name Verda Schroeder
Location Bismarck, North Dakota
Age 54
Joined 596 days ago
Hobbies reading,camping,being with family and friends
About Me Im going through a very hard time. My husband filed for divorce after 33 years of being together,so I could really use some holiday cheer. PLEASE HELP!!!!
Verda Schroeder
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562 days ago

congratulations to the Pierce family! Hope to someday win something from you Ellen! Keep up the good work ! Love from snowy,cold,North Dakota.

Verda Schroeder
Message from Ellen
577 days ago

Hi Ellen! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!Im still hoping to get a holiday surprise but know that there are a lot of people in worse shape than me. Thanks for all that You do and I guess miracles happen so Ill keep trying. Best of everything in 2013!

Verda Schroeder
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580 days ago

Hi Ellen I sure am hoping for positive hopes and dreams. I know I had said earlier that my husband wanted a divorce after being together 33 years.My son and I are hoping for better times and want to get back on our feet. The problems are of course financial and with the oil boom in our area housing is nasty high. Just hoping to get into something but at least I have the families love and support. Thanks for a wonderful show and keep me hoping for better times ahead. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. I can always hope that someday I will probably get a phone call from Ellen. Hooray! From snowy,cold, North Dakota. Thanks!

Verda Schroeder
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596 days ago

Dear Ellen I really need some help! My husband has decided too file for divorce after 33 years. I moved back to North Dakota to be by my family but I really miss being by my two children. I have really been struggling and even though I have been working I am really having a hard time could you please bring some holiday cheer my way and help me out. I dont have a computer of my own so I can keep in touch with my children but I am able to use a neices for the time being. Thanks for helping people in need. I love your show!!!