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Velma Beb Coggins
Name Velma Beb Coggins
Location Hamilton, Mississippi
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About Me I'm a disabled hairdresser that writes poetry and songs I w rote about a flying genie. Thot Ellen May want to know what it is what it looks like and what it does. It was so much fun as a child could or would Ellen help my dream come true? HELP ME DEAR LORD I PRAY IS the name of my song. It's full of feelings love ,dreams and reality I would love for the world to share in some beautiful music and song all I have is what people have given me as for I survived 2house fires n 1 year. Now I'm trying to use my talents to help my dreams come true.
Velma Beb Coggins
Eric Stonestreet, Drake
213 days ago

Can u help make my song a reality? I write lots of poetry I have enough for a book. In my last poem -I wrote about a flying genie. The funny thing is t,hat no one knows what it is;what it looks like;or what it does!i do. I remember all from my childhood. Ellen,do u know what it is?do u want to know???HELP ME DEAR LORD I PRAY -the title of my song. It is full of so many feelings and so much love. I wish the world to let it be beautiful music and song to their ears. I'm deaf but now I can hear because I have 2cochlear implants. I have survived 2house fires n 1year. I have a double fusion n my back and donor bone n my neck my health declines each day. Can u help make my dream come true?